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Strategies on how to get more viewers on Facebook Live

Facebook introduced a video streaming service, which allows a person to broadcast live into the newsfeed. With this live video feature becoming a prominent component of Facebook, it has changed forever. Live videos of Facebook are said to have 64 billion views daily. With these views, there has been a great jump with viewers watching live videos much more compared to pre-recorded videos. Millions of users live stream on Facebook and they allow everyone to see what their actual life is all about. This gives public figures and brands a great way to connect with the audiences.

For a business owner, it has become a simple and perfect way to use the video power and to reach out to their viewers and build engagement and relationships in an easy way. Even though the concept is simple yet powerful, there is a lot more that you need to learn on how to get more viewers on Facebook live. If your fan base is huge, ensure to announce when you will broadcast live. This is a good way to reach out to more people. You may preschedule Facebook live and this way, people can get prepared and attend the broadcast live.

Always introduce and re-introduce yourself

You might think that your fans know who the person you are as they follow your page; however, it is a good idea if you introduce yourself. You may have followers who are not quite familiar with you and you can have new viewers from fans or friends. At the start of a Facebook live video, introduce yourself briefly and say what the video will be all about.  Another great trick is reintroducing yourself. If you are new to the live video, then remember that every person does not jump at the beginning. As video runs, you shall have more people and it is vital reintroducing yourself.

Engage with live viewers

Interact and respond with your viewers. If you want to know how to get more viewers on Facebook live, then this shall increase engagement naturally and build a relationship. If you have more comments, your Facebook score shall be high and this shall affect how you rank and appear the news feed of people. Encourage people who are watching to ask questions, interact, and give answers. Another way that can really help to connect with the audiences is by calling out every audience by their full name.

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