9 Biggest User Experience Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Website

UX or user experience should be the center of any web design plan. Without this in mind, you can lose potential subscribers, let alone first-time readers. Below are common user experience mistakes you need to avoid in your own website design northern Virginia.

Designing for the desktop

If you think your audience will be viewing your website from their desktops, you are probably 5% correct. Most readers will be viewing your website from their mobiles so you need to come up with a website design northern Virginia that is easy to read from mobile phones. When planning out your design, consider vertical vs. Horizontal space. Design for people who will be reading while they are riding the subway or waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Think about on-the-go tactics to keep them on the page even while they are physically traveling from point A to B. Be easy to come back to.


Words are important but use words sparingly. Try to make your pages visually appealing by incorporating images. Use the words to guide user actions and be clear with your intent. Avoid lengthy anecdotes that do not help to drive your purpose.

Image heavy

On the other hand, too many images can make your website look amateurish. Don’t put too many elements that do nothing to make your website look cohesive. The best website design northern Virginia is sleek and put together. If an element sticks out like a sore thumb, remove it. You are better off without it. Be a minimalist.

Click jails

Watch out for click jails. These are links that make it hard for users to go back to the main menu, Make sure that all your pages have a way out, and avoid allowing ads into your page that makes the users feel like they fell into a digital pit. Always offer a way out.

Clever but not clear

It’s fine to be clever but never when it costs you clarity. When writing web content, make sure your message is still very clear. Otherwise, your clever little line might just be the running joke of audiences who have very little patience for corny jokes.

Not action-driven

What do you want your audience to do? Do you want them to subscribe? To buy an item?To press like? While hard selling is never a good idea, you need to come up with content which is clear enough to state what kind of action you want your audience to make. For example, if you mean “click here to subscribe”, state it plainly. Try not to be too cute about it.

Too many choices

The rule in web design is to never give your visitor too many choices in a single view. Ten is possibly too much. Five is manageable. When faced with too many choices, website visitors tend to get paralyzed. This can make them close the app window and uninstall.

No chat functions

Your audience does not have all day to navigate through your website no matter how streamlined it may seem to you right now. Give them a shortcut. Even with all the information already findable on your website, give them the choice to make things even easier with a chatbox. In line with this, make sure your chat box function is actually functioning. Have a real person at the other end. While handy, no one really likes talking to a bot.

No room for feedback

Feedback is gold because no website design is perfect. You need all the help you can get. Let your visitors help you out. Most of them are more than willing to share their experiences with you.

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