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One incident that will teach you where can you use this hacking instagram trick?

Raj is an intermediate student who has just finished his intermediate and he was waiting to get into college after all the exam. But little did he know that college was not supposed to get open till the time this pandemic thing that we have experienced and we have to go through that depression phase in our life gets finished. There are so many people like Raj, not only in a few countries but people from all parts of the world who are waiting eagerly for this pandemic to get finished so that their lives can get back to normal. People were so really optimistic about the chances that this is something that will not be going to last for more than a month but god has written some other plans for us. It is usually believed that everything that we plan is never going to happen as per what you have planned and there is always something that is waiting for us ahead and it can be both in a good way or bad way. Once he realized that this is something which will not be finished anytime soon, he planned to join some online jobs so that he can make the most of his time and make some money at the same time out of it. Even though it was such depressing times it was not easy for him to find one for himself and after searching for a suitable job on for himself he finally met one guy on instagram and they both used to live in the same country. He told him different ways by which he can make money by completely transcribing stuff. He then gave him basic information about his team members and he gave him a mobile number. Once he slowly started the job, in the middle they asked him for thousands of bucks so that can complete the registration process.

What happens at the end of the story and what do you learn?

After a few days when they again asked for the same thousand bucks again then he realized that there was something cooking in the kitchen. When he asked for his first thousand bucks back because he didn’t feel safe working there anymore, he realized they were together following him and they did not even return his money. That’s why he hacked their account from and he complained to the police.  

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