Types of Online Identities

Your Website

The centrality of all your digital marketing is your website. Digital marketing is all about driving relevant traffic to your website. When we talk about relevancy and the content quality, all of them that are published elsewhere are to drive traffic to your website. When all those links bring numerous traffic to your website, and if the users find your website not having relevant quality content, it will displease these visitors. Your website should have relevant pages for relevant backlinks. Instead, if your website has a very limited number of pages but driving all of the traffic generated through multiple sources and keywords, your visitors will shy away immediately and your website’s bounce rate will go very high. In the end, Google will also reprimand your website.

Social Media Profiles

Your Social Media Profiles will be the first external website that your website visitors will prefer to visit to check your updates and live activities. Perfect Link Building is one of the best link building company So, your Social Media Profiles should represent your brand personality in all its entirety


Blogs are the ones that customers refer to get perspectives on a topic. Blogs are where your potential customers read about your business a lot. So, the content that is posted on your blog should be of high quality and should have the authority, connectivity and relevance in order to drive and generate traffic to your website.

Directory Listings

Directory Listings have been traditionally the Online Profiles of businesses and continue to do so. A Directory Listing shows who you are, what kinds of products and services you are offering and where you are located. Your Business Listing in a Directory earns the respect of your customers who land through search engines or the Directory’s internal search through category or keyword search. 

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Landing Pages

The Landing Page or Micro Website is often created for specific special purposes like short term promotional campaigns. As a lead generation tool, the Landing Page helps the Digital Marketer to capture the leads. A Landing Page is often created as a simple temporary single web page for a particular product or service or an event that you want to promote for a limited period. 

Hashtags & @mentions

Hashtags and @mentions are mostly created and being promoted through social media especially Twitter. @mentions of your brand have a huge visibility factor which reveal your identity to the internet community. They explain more about your business like your social standing and your dispositions towards various issues and topics.

Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions are mostly hyperlinks and names appearing in various online publications that draw attention to your web pages through backlinks. You can use Brand Mentions extensively while publishing your content related to your topic or subject. Brand Mentions can earn you enough transactions in your field which will help again strengthen your online branding. It is a wonderful online identity to go with your content marketing initiatives effort. Brand Mentions will help your branding efforts in the long run and as a traffic generation link in the short run. Brand Mentions are important because people readily identify your brand.

Google My Business

Google My Business listing is a local business listing which is a highly effective location identifier for your business for your specific keywords. Google wants to rightly show its users the most suitable business/service provider available in their respective locality. You can make use of this opportunity to grow your business by creating this online profile clearly telling Google you are offering such and such services and making Google work for your business. 

Backlinks & Anchor Texts

Backlink is a process of placing your website links in third party websites that have relevant content related to your business and have the potential to drive traffic to your website. These third party websites share their high domain authority to your website like a well known personality lending his credibility to you and adding to your trust and to get social acceptance. So, you can use multiple forms of backlinks such as your website URL , your product keywords or brand name as anchor text for the URL, your brand identities, product mention and images. 

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