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Do you know what most net surfers turn to when looking for something online? You guessed it – the search engine. 

Google, the most popular search engine, receives billions of searches in a day. But how do websites that you see in the search results get there? Through magic? No, they get there through search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO, a renowned branch of digital marketing, has earned its popularity by helping websites gain visibility in the internet world. But, many people still question the value of SEO and ask, “Is SEO worth the money?”

While some businesses have made it big in the internet world courtesy of SEO, others may not find it profitable. So, dedicated SEO internet marketing services should explain the pros and cons of SEO so that you can make an educated investment decision. 

High search engine ranking, increased web traffic, brand marketing, and overall increased business revenue are all the benefits you get once your website ranks in the first few search engine results page. But getting to the top of SERP is often not guaranteed through SEO online marketing techniques. 

Though a well-thought-out SEO online marketing strategy can rank your website at the top, even the most efficient (and expensive) SEO strategies take a long time to yield results. So, you could wait for months before seeing your website’s rank escalating. 

Interestingly, even if your website does get to the top after all the efforts and investments, you can’t rest easy thinking you’ve “made it.” One significant Google search algorithm update, and you can find your rank plummeting. 

So, it is reasonable to say that SEO has its fair share of drawbacks. Still, all the websites you see in the top organic results are there because they chose to invest in SEO and decided to be patient with it. So, with a solid strategy and lots of patience, SEO can be well worth the investment. 

Landau consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, offers consulting in internet marketing and SEO services and has created this infographic to help you get an insight into the benefits and drawbacks of SEO.

Why SEO? Why NOT SEO? Infographic

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