Splunk Light for Small IT Firms

Most of you must have seen the Matrix movies, have you ever wondered what are those green numbers that are displayed on the screen sometimes. These numbers represent the data that is recorded by the system and is saved as log files in the main server with which all the other systems are connected. There are some crucial working factors that are hidden inside the log files and they are open to read for anyone.

To read and understand all the data generated in small IT firms, the American Corporation SPLUNK has developed Splunk light, especially for these firms to prevent incidents like IT fires. Splunk light can record data from any source, be it applications, web traffic, or any other source imaginable, you only need to fill in the source in the main interface. It will automatically assess all the data and give out correlations and interpretations to the user.

Other significant features of Splunk light are:

  1. The Splunk light does not have a fixed scheme of interpreting the data, it can analyze all the data according to you and will give out the patterns and results for the said parameters only.
  2. The real-time data scrutinization offered by Splunk light allows you to investigate any type of information that you require, the results are presented in legible formats accessible by the user.
  3. The Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL), utilized by the software is a robust medium to access your data. Its analytical and visual representation of the data combined with various types of correlations and commands lets the user understand the machine language easily.

Sending notifications and alerts, pattern detection, event correlation, identify the errors in the system; investigating and monitoring some particular events are other significant features of SPLUNK.

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