10 Common Web Designing Mistakes To Avoid

As the world of web developing is changing in a rapid pace, the need to enhance the browsing experience for the visitors has also subsequently increased. Designing your website can be an easy job but finding how usable your design will be a little bit tricky. Your poor design choices will lead your visitors to be unable to fully acknowledge what you are trying to sell to them.

No matter if you are a beginner in web designing or have some experience, there are certain mistakes you must always avoid.

Below are 10 common web designing mistakes you must avoid for your web page:

Messy and cluttered design

The rule for any design is to keep it simple and to the point. Your home page is the first page that the users view so, having a slick, classy and elegant looking page is important. If you put everything all at once in the same page, your users are bound to get confused on what the post is actually trying to say. So, you should keep your design simple, consistent and clean with lots of space in between.

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Speed or loading time

Let me tell you that a slow loading website is a major buzz kill. No matter how beautiful your design if your loading time or speed is very slow, the traffic on your site will gradually decrease. So, what should you do to speed up your loading time? Try to leave out fancy javascripts, plugins as much as possible and include less media files with higher resolutions. Testing your website speed before launching is very crucial part of web designing.

Responsive design

Failing to implement responsive design to your website is one of those mistakes that cost you a lot of customers. With the availability of a large number of devices that have varying screen sizes, the viewing areas of the websites outside just a desktop has increased in huge amount. So, you would want your website be able to adjust as per the required screen size that will provide better experience for your visitors.

Difficult navigation

Nothing is frustrating than not being able to find your way through a certain web page due to the lack of a navigation. Your web pages should all have navigation bar at all cost. If adding navigation in each page would disrupt your design vision, make sure to at least have a link to your home page.

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Lack of search bar

Does your website has a search bar? If yes then how well does it work? For any kind of website, be it a corporate, e-commerce or blog having a search box is very necessary. Being able to search the relevant information fast and efficient will improve your customer reactions as well. Also, adding a search bar is one of the simplest jobs in web designing.

Missing or bad call to action

Call to action is one of the important marketing terms that is related mostly with advertising and selling. Why does one need a call to action? Call to action section are highlighted throughout your website to encourage your visitors to download, purchase, share, register and many more just by a click on the button.

Poor and inconsistent content

Never forget that your content is the hero of your website. The quality in your content will automatically improve your website’s rank in search engines. No matter how much you spend on making your site visually pleasing, if your contents are not structured well your website will lose it’s relevance. So, your content must be informative, consistent and SEO friendly at most.

Lack of analytics

A website developer must always track a website’s performance. It is best to install analytics to measure a website’s success and number of visitors checking on the site. This helps you to properly analyze your weaknesses and work through them to increase your traffic. One of the widely used tool is the Google analytics.

Not paying attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking high on any search engine is a very slow and gradual process that takes a lot of time. If your website is unable to appear at higher ranks, the chances of visits in your website is relatively lower too. Focus on long-tailed keywords and update your contents as per the need. You could also market through social media which helps in staying connected with your customers. You can also hire a professional SEO expert for an affordable price to get the work done if you don’t find comfortable working with technical stuff.

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Contact info

Contact informations are one of the most essential part of your business. Your website should let your customers know how to reach you if they are interested in sharing their critiques, reviews, suggestions,etc. It is good to provide your telephone number, email address and even a address if possible with a map that goes with it.

So, How many of these mistakes have you made?

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Amin is a WordPress enthusiast working with classes and nodes to make design look beautiful. He is the author of SBWD -premium web design agency in Sydney and business consultant to various local businesses.

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