MLtek ArchiverFS Software-Archiving Software For Windows File Servers

Are you looking for a trusted data archiving software for Windows file servers or network file systems? If your answer is a yes, it is time for you to know about the distinctive advantages of ArchiverFS.

ArchiverFS is the world’s most preferred choice when it comes to migrating old files to second tier storage to make the main storage work more efficiently and quickly. ArchiverFS is one of the world’s most trusted data archiving software when it comes to SMB shares, network file systems, and Windows file servers.

One of the best things with ArchiverFS is that it at no point of time tries to store files, any kind of file metadata in a database, or pointers to files but it still does allow you to enable detailed reporting and proceed with the collection of information, if required by you. These advantages make ArchiverFS hugely cost effective and incredibly scalable.

This reliable server file archiving software is also well known for its potential to archive the old files and then migrate them to UNC path or second tier storages such as SAN, NAS, and even cloud storage. For more information about the MLtek ArchiverFS Software, click here. One of the biggest advantages of data migration with ArchiverFS is that you can still have the backup in the second storage in case you lose your data in one of the storage. ArchiverFS, being the most trusted file archiving software, lets you restore the files efficiently and gradually, starting from those that you require on an urgent basis. This way, the otherwise complicated process of restoring files becomes efficient.

If that is not all, ArchiverFS is one of the very few server file archiving software that ensures its users always comply with the data protection law. This is done by allowing the users to mention the exact time when the data should be deleted.

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