Explore the 3 Best Low Code Application Platforms:


Low code development is a super useful tool.  These tools simplify the complexities of the application.  It contributes to the organizations in building smooth applications.

A low code platform serves two other purposes. i.e., increasing productivity and reducing the expense. It’s productive enough to develop many applications in a limited time.

The importance of the best low code application platform is mention in the following graph. Research conducted by frevvo shows that it boosts the digital transformation up to 69%. Also, it reduces about 40% of high technical skills.

1.     GenuXus:


It provides a free trial for the service. It offers pricing for each developer without listing the number of applications and their end-user. It provides special start-up plans starting from $100/month. It also produces Independent Software Houses and enterprises starting from the price range of $250 per month and $900 per month, respectively.

Growing since 30 years, GeneXus has a great understanding of its user’s needs. It provides them with the best applications that are great for future technologies. These applications are designed perfectly for new technology.

2.     Zoho Creator:


It is a native mobile application building and low code application platform. It helps in creating web apps. These are then published and used on different Android and iOS devices to access different devices.

It is a powerful platform. It has developed 6 million apps. Zoho Creator is used in building enterprise applications using a low-code development platform. It helps in creating applications with minimum coding efforts. It also reduces the amount of time and effort required for app development.

3.     Microsoft PowerApps:


Microsoft enables the PowerApps to provide a low code development platform. PowerApps is a super powerful tool. It is used to build Apps having a complex UI. It provides many different features like cloud-based service integration, Workflow automation, App running, and App sharing, etc. PowerApps offers two different pricing plans. It gives its user an offer of $7/month. And the second offer is for $40 per month. It also offers a free trial to its users.

Final Verdict:


A Low-Code development program is application programming with the help of a Graphical User Interface. It has a powerful structure that helps to create codes at a fast speed. It has significantly reduced the traditional programming efforts.

These tools are important to generate development codes as well as reducing the efforts of coding by hand. These platforms will enable its users to different code programs very quickly and effortlessly. 

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