How to Decide What to Make First – A Mobile App or A Website?

Invest in web development or mobile app development? This question is still juggling around the minds of many.. While many have simply dwelled in the mobile industry because of the growing trend, others are looking for the valid reasons to take a decision. Regardless of which category you belong to, I recommend you to go through the set of questions shared in this article to understand what is best for your brand – an app or website.

So, pick your notebook and pen, and start writing down the answers to these questions as per your business needs.

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Between Web Development and Mobile App Development

  1. Do you want higher traffic?    

Still, the mobile websites are leading in gaining the attention of the larger audience. So, if bringing more traffic to your brand is your prime goal, go with web application development.

  1. Do you want higher conversion?

Although websites are attracting more users, mobile apps are the rulers when it comes to conversion. According to the market researchers, the end users check 4.2x more products per session on a mobile app than they do on websites. The mobile apps successfully convert 3x more users than mobile websites and 1.5 times higher than desktop sites. So, the answer is clear – look forward to mobile application development for higher conversion.

  1. Do you need an access to native device features?

From push notifications to contact access, gallery access, QR scanners, and other device features – if your process requires any of these to engage the potential users and drive sales, mobile apps are the right solution. Though websites are able to employ native device features, but only a few. Plus, their efficiency with these features is comparably lower than mobile applications. So, take the decision wisely.

  1. Is your product/services complicated?

If you have a complex process for delivering services or products, it is going to be tough with a website. Wondering how? Scrolling, editing and reviewing are quite difficult in case of a website when compared to the mobile application. Besides, a mobile app can access the native device features with which it can lower down the user’s work, which ultimately smoothens the overall process, but websites often can not. So, in this case, a dedicated mobile application is all you need to provide faster and smoother experience.

  1. Does speed matter for your business?

The incredibly increasing competition has made it critically necessary for the businesses to provide better services at the earliest. Otherwise, their competitors might take away their customers. If you also struggling with such a stiff competition, prefer having a mobile application. Designed by a reputed mobile app development company, an app can load faster than a website and help to retain the end users.

  1. Do you want to avail your services offline?

Again, if your services are necessary to be offered offline as well, mobile app development is your call. An app, unlike, a website offers offline support to the end users, because of which they can enjoy your services even in lesser-to-no-network regions without facing any glitch.

  1. Do you have the budget?

With such impressive advantages over a website, it is quite evident that mobile app development cost will be higher than web development. So, if you have the adequate budget and can go further without going bankrupt, develop a mobile app. Otherwise, continue with a website until you have enough budget.

  1. Are you planning to offer location-based services?

As the competition has grown at the global level, the brands are slowly and gradually turning towards the local markets. They are targeting the local customers to earn a bigger slice of market profit. So, if you are someone who wishes to target the local users with your exquisite services, you need to offer location-based services, which is more effective with a mobile application.

  1. Is there any scope of updating/adding new features in the future?

Turn towards your past business history and see how much you have grown from the technical point of view – have you added any new services or feature? If yes, then investing in app development is a profitable deal. This is why because it is necessary to update an app regularly for enjoying better advantages. However, there is no such restriction for a website. So, if you want to skip the continuous update scenario and keep on entertaining your audience with the same old elements, prefer website development.

  1. Does your rival company has an app?

Needless to say, turning towards your competitors’ activities is a nice way to take this decision. If your rival company has a mobile application, it implies there’s a demand for the mobile app in your respective market. Besides, they are able to attract a wider audience and gain better benefits since the users these days want their favorite brands on their smartphones. So, if you too want the same future, hire the right mobile app developers immediately.

The aforementioned questions will help you to choose between web development and mobile app development. But the challenges are not yet ended. If you, let’s say chosen the mobile application development, you will be facing more dilemmas, including how to finalize the right mobile app development company. To deal with such challenges, take the guidance from a market expert.

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