Get the best inverter for your home

Inverters serve the purpose of supplying power to the electrical appliances when main power is cut off. They are equally important for residential and commercial areas and are used as well. The purpose of inverters at homes and offices is to convert direct current into alternating current. Another name for inverters is power inverters. Hence, they are of great importance at the time of power cut off.

Types of inverters

Three phase inverters

They make use of variable frequency drive applications and for high power applications such as HVDC power transmission. It comprises of three singly faced inverter switches each of which is connected to one of the three load terminals.

Watt power inverters

You can also make use of 3000W power inverter in your area to supply more power in order to continue your important industrial. These inverters find application in much industrial area. They supply more power to the appliances so that they run smoothly even when the power is cut off.

Hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverter is the trending generation of inverters that are designed for various solar applications i.e. the appliances that are charged through solar energy and when they are discharged they are made to run by these inverters. They make use of renewable source of energy in home applications especially for solar photovoltaic installations.

DC to AC inverter

A DC to AC power inverter is an electronic device that is specialised for converting direct current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). A power inverter can be entirely electronic and can be a combination of various mechanical effects and various electronic circuitries. Power inverters can be used as a DC power source usage. They are also used in UPS, in electric motor speed control, in refrigeration compressors. They are also used in power grids and for induction heating processes.

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