How Google Adwords Help Websites

Google helps you by automatically displaying all values ​​in your AdWords account – how often an ad was shown, how often it was clicked, which keyword triggered this delivery, and at what average position it was triggered. You only need an extension to track the conversion data presented.

All of these numbers are not an end in themselves. You can use it to discover weaknesses and strengths in your campaigns to identify improvements and deteriorations. They form the basis for your optimizations. Because the numbers are collected for every element and every level – campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad – you can use your efforts in a very detailed and targeted manner.

  • Searches

Users who search on Google can do so for a variety of reasons – they are looking for products, services, information, or solutions to a problem. Worldwide, 3.6 billion search queries are made on Google every day.

For you as a provider of a particular service, not all of them are of equal relevance, of course, most of them completely irrelevant.

It is, therefore, a considerable advantage that you can determine in your AdWords campaigns which Adwords optimize services(ทำ adwords which is the term in thai) queries your ads should appear for.

  • Keywords

This definition is made using so-called keywords. For example, if you have entered the keyword pizza taxi, and a user searches for it, your ad will appear. If, on the other hand, he is looking for a diet, your advertising will not appear.

Keywords are the words and word combinations with which your product or service is to be found. More precisely: With which users are likely to search for your product or service.

  • Google Suggest

If you go to Google and enter one of your keywords in the search field, you will receive suggestions and suggestions as you type. This functionality is called Google Suggest and shows particularly popular and frequently searched search terms.

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