Do you know your smartphone messenger chats are not really private?

All of us make use of different types of messenger chats in our smartphones. There are number of reasons why this mode of communication is highly preferred and being that it is virtually free when compared to the other modes of communication. Even people who want to talk over the phone many times switch to chat. In a way, it is helpful because when you chat over a messenger you have written record of the discussion and even legally it is accepted to use this as proof of communication. However, you should also be aware that these chats which are so very convenient comes with its own risks.

Not all chat software tools encrypt the message that you send out. Some of them encrypt the messages when you go on secret chat mode or any other equivalent chat mode. Sometimes it is also called private chat mode in some of the chat software programs. When the message is not encrypted, it could be intercepted and captured by the hackers. At times even business deals are closed in these chats so such confidential information in the wrong hands can prove to be detrimental to you as an individual and also as a business. There are phone encryption software programs that you could use but you need to make sure whether these tools provide you with complete encryption and protection.

One of the most trustworthy security solutions for people who want to enjoy 100% safety is ECC.When you make use of this security solution only the intended recipient will be able to read your messages. Not only your text messages are encrypted but even the images you share and the audio files are encrypted. You can therefore confidently send scanned copies of crucial documents without any fear of losing them to the hackers.

Moreover, security solutions such as Sky ECC allow you to set a time limit for the data you send out. You can decide the lifespan of your messages. After the specified time the messages will self-destruct themselves. They will not be available in any of the locations including the recipient’s device and the server. This will give you complete protection that you need. Most of us think that when we delete crucial chat messages from our device it is safe and it cannot be seen by prying eyes without knowing that they leave a strong trail of traces in multiple locations. So if you want to protect your data from lingering in all these online locations it has to be permanently deleted and this is where security solutions such as Sky ECC provides you the ultimate solution.

The next time you send out any messages online through any of the chat messengers, check the options to encrypt the messages. Further to that you should also be installing security measures such as ECC. Make use of the best and the most dependable security solutions available online to protect your data.

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