When Should Kids Go For Their First Dental Exam And Cleaning

The importance of dental care has long been stressed out. Oral hygiene and everything that’s related to it should be taken care of properly so as to avoid any unwanted condition (e.g. Tooth decay). But do parents actually know when to look for the best Lansdowne dentists to facilitate their kids’ first ever dental exam and cleaning?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, as early as when the first tooth appears or before your child turns one year old, you should already schedule his or her first dental exam.

Though the first set of teeth your child will have (a.k.a. Primary teeth) will only be temporary, its importance should nonetheless be taken into account. These teeth play significant roles such as:

Helping prevent decay

Helping your child chew food properly

Being an essential part of speech development

Being placeholders for permanent teeth, guiding the latter set into their accurate positions

Promoting your child’s healthy smile

First Dental Visit Expectations

As how people say, it is always best to be prepared in any kind of situation. As your kid’s first dental visit is a vital one, here are some pointers to help you understand what usually happens during an occasion like this.

* The dentist will examine your child’s oral hygiene. This will cover evaluating his or her eating and drinking habit that might pose a risk of tooth decay.

*The dentist will scrub your child’s primary teeth with a wet cloth or toothbrush. This will be done in order to remove any deposit or stain.

* The dentist will evaluate the amount of fluoride your kid obtains.

* The dentist will check if there is any bump or sore on your child’s mouth (e.g. Inside of the cheeks, or on the roof of the mouth).

* The dentist will recommend and show you how to properly clean your child’s primary teeth.

Help Your Child Stay Calm

Looking for one of the most trusted Lansdowne dentists to take care of your kid’s oral health is a big task. But just as important, you should also help prepare your child for the first ever dental visit.

In this portion, we’ve rounded up must-know tips to get rid of those dental visit jitters.

Be mindful of the dental exam’s schedule because timing is everything. Make sure your child’s visit to the dentist coincides at a time when he or she is most cooperative.

If possible, give your child a glimpse of a dental clinic so he or she can be familiar with that kind of environment. Take your kid to your own dental check-up, or let him or her watch child-friendly online resources about dental health.

Stay optimistic during the visit, and avoid using negative words (e.g. Painful). Play around with your child and make sure you listen to him or her.

Beyond The First

Establishing a good habit is always the smart choice if you want your child to grow up with a well-maintained oral health. Lansdowne dentists recommend that you take your child to a dental clinic every six months for proper monitoring.

Riverside Dental offers a wide range of services so you and your family will have the perfect smile. If you’re looking for Lansdowne dentists, contact us today!

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