The ultimate solution to bad experience of shared hosting

A small business owner feels satisfied with the shared hosting servers especially when he has no trading online and is just using the static website for information purposes. Shared hosting might work for these small businesses;however,these are never recommended for larger businesses as these are not capable of tackling the uptime of heavy websites. Before we learn the bad experiences associated with this type of hosting, we should first understand what is share hosting and why do people use it. 

What is shared hosting? 

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where the same server is used by many website owners. Shared space means lesser control and no customization. When you are running your website through shared hosting, you face a lot of issues which are addressed in this article. In a shared hosting service, you will share the space, computer, its software, and other features with other people and as a result your business will suffer a lot. 

Why do people still use shared hosting? 

This is a basic question which pops up in the mind of an ordinary person that if shared hosting is bad, why do people still use this type of service? There are some reasons why people still like to start from this server and slowly shift to a better server hosting.

  • Shared hosting is cheap and small business owners who do not want much expenditure prefers this type of hosting over other options
  • Shared server is good for static sites. The businesses which are not online yet but just want to show their presence on the web find it best to use the shared hosting service. 
  • Shared hosting service is easily available, and many cheap companies have made attractive packages to lure the newcomers. 

What are the issues with shared hosting? 

Using a shared hosting will put your business at risk and you will face many issues while running your business. We have devised a basic list of issues that you might face when you are running your business website through a shared hosting service. 

  • You will never feel confidence in your website security
  • There would be times when your website would be down for no apparent reason
  • Your customers will face more time to load your web pages
  • There would be errors and bugs more frequently
  • Customer support will seldom response to your queries

Alternate best option: 

If you are tired of the issues related to shared hosting servers, you should shift to a more reliable, fast and easy to use dedicated server web hostingwhich will provide you with an exclusive experience and majority of your issues will get resolved. Dedicated servers are safer and provide you and your customer with ultimate level of security as all the data is present in far located computers which are completely in your control. Many small businesses grow and adapt this dedicated server hosting to properly address the growing needs of their businesses. 

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