Successful Animation Guidelines to Increase Traffic

Animation with its maximum outreach has gained grounds in the world of branding. The use of animated characters is flourishing in the digital landscape and marketers are drawing towards using them as a means of promotional content. Where strategists are busy fulfilling many significant corporate goals viewers are indulging in the craziness of videos and sharing them their social profiles.  

Every single animator is in a competition to create compelling videos. However, there are certain things that one should keep in mind while working on an animated video. Read on!

Be Brand Consistent

You should keep your attention to fulfilling your brand’s purpose. Keep your animation perfectly in accordance with the goals of your video. If the video needs to be brand consistent then its content should revolve around the purpose. Similarly, if the content needs to be drawn more towards a particular product than you should place the foundation on the requirement.

Work on Framing

Framing is important to capture and engage your audience. The major elements that are included in framing are logo placement, text distribution and captions placed inside the video. You have to keep a fine balance between each element to avoid any cluster.

Keep it Short

Though animated video can easily draw attention still you need to keep the content precise and appealing. Do not go on adding jargons or lengthy content. Use bullets and images or moving graphics to clear a point so that any topic that is even difficult enough to grasp will become easy to comprehend.

Add Some Catchy Taglines or Questions

Even a video content can be SEO optimized, therefore, you have to focus on a smart use of headlines and taglines. Add some curiosity building questions or taglines that can trigger interest among viewers. With a fusion of animation and taglines, you can efficiently capture the attention of your target audience.

Take a Peek into the Pros and Cons of Animation

Each project needs a different form of animation. With that different form comes new techniques and methods. Once you have shortlisted every tool or software needed to create that animation all you have to do is, keep a check into the pros and cons of that animation type. How much time you have to invest and what are the chances of failure. You might have a lot of projects on your plate, therefore, you should not spend extra time on a single project. Once you know the requirement you will be able to effectively manage your time.

Wrapping Up

Animation is not a piece of cake. If you lack the right expertise you should not risk your brand’s identity and count on other professionals when it comes to your company explainer videos.

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