Reducing Ecommerce Fraud With Automated Driver’s License Verification

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers shop, influencing the rapid growth of eCommerce operations. Retail stores, beverage shops, and car dealers were forced to reduce in-person activities or close down. Consequently, people have resorted to using online shopping platforms to acquire needed goods and services.

Although this industry has flourished even during a pandemic, its rising popularity becomes a concern because of persistent threats. Criminals are relentless in devising ways to circumvent weak cybersecurity systems. They will use stolen personal information to impersonate someone else or create a synthetic identity. If they successfully steal another person’s password, they can also easily take over the victim’s existing account.

As sellers move to the digital platform to keep their businesses afloat, they must replace outdated security measures with more robust defenses that are more efficient in blocking fraudulent attempts. Identity assurance is vital in remote operations. Online merchants should be able to trust that the person they transact with is a legitimate customer.

eCommerce retailers must leverage modern identity verification solutions like mobile facial biometric identity proofing and automated identity document authentication to distinguish the bad guys from the good customers.

Mobile facial biometric identity verification harnesses commonly used mobile devices to perform the identity proofing process. Users can simply take a selfie and undergo an anti-spoofing liveness detection test. To further prove that a person is who they claim to be, they can use the same mobile device to take a snapshot of their driver’s license and send it for automated identity document verification.

Once their ID is proven to be genuine, they can opt for passwordless login for their account. Multi-factor authentication compliant with FIDO2 authentication standards is an ideal alternative to passwords as login credentials.

Identity documents like driver’s licenses contribute to strengthening remote identity verification. To know more about their role in reducing eCommerce fraud, see the infographic below from authID.

Reducing eCommerce Fraud with Automated Driver’s License Verification

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