Last minute tech gifts that are under your price range.

Gifts need to be thoughtful and not expensive to win over someone’s heart. Even when you spend a small sum of money, you can show someone how much you have been thinking about them. Let, us take you on a journey of choices where you get treasures worth gifting someone.

A world without technology is a world not worth living anymore. It makes our life simpler, happier and way better than it is.

Amazon Echo Dot.

Connect the voice of Alexa to your loved ones’ home at half the expected price. The one you are gifting it to will be able to connect it to their speakers and enjoy. It is far better and cheaper than the version that was launched the previous year. It sounds perfect and can pick up commands with ease. So, how else can you make someone’s life better?

Panasonic ErgoFit RP – HJE120 Earbuds.

These earphones are another great gift available right at your disposal. They fit perfectly in the ears of a person and produces the sound that is needed. It has an unfaltering performance when it comes to creating great music.

Branch Earphone Splitter.

An unusually great and unique gift to choose for someone special. Now, music can be shared with the use of this device. An evening in the woods or morning by the sea can be shared with a special someone with the use of this device.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker.

Another great product right within your range is the Google Home Mini Smart Speaker. It is a unique take on the Google home. Assisted by Google and the cute cover and design make it a must-have. It provides way better audio than you can imagine and you can gift wrap it for someone special.

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The streaming stick.

This is no ordinary streaming stick; it is a great product that can help you stream through the many media available right within your reach. It is small, fast and significant in all its features.  Bring home new and exciting features with the Roku Streaming Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote.

This great product has been on the market for a couple of years now. It remains a hit in our list of tech items to gift someone because of its unusual features. This Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote comes with a microphone. It is the best way to stream your media and also comes in a stick shape. You will be able to access the voice search as well as Amazon’s Alexa with this voice remote. Beginning with a quad-core processor, it has been recently upgraded. It is available to you within your range. So, buy one for that special someone and one for yourself.

Logitech K480 keyboard.

This is a keyboard that can be used for a multiple number of devices with its ability to connect to Bluetooth. Phones, tablets and computers can be connected to this great and multi-purpose keyboard. Get the results you want with the keyboard we have for you.

Brother P-touch Cube.

Do you know someone who is nothing but a tech savvy as well as finds it extremely pleasurable to organise everything in and around him or her? The design and software of this beauty are beyond our ability to comment. It is of reasonable price and can be used with both Android and Apple devices. Now, printing and designing labels with the help of your tablet or smartphone will be easier than ever.

Skullcandy Jib Wireless.

Earphones are the staple item that we need to get through with our lives. No matter how hard our life seems to be, it can seem easier with the use of a pair of earphones. It packs a punch. Your bass will be so clear, that you will end up wondering how is it so cheap. Another great feature of this product is that its wireless. For clear and pure sound choose Skullcandy Jib Wireless for yourself and anyone you know.

Title Pro Style.

Do you know someone who always ends up losing stuff? Gift them this beauty that will help to track everything they possess. This product, Title Pro Style comes with a Bluetooth feature that can span out to a wide range. The use of the loud alarm will let your clumsy friend know whether or not the item they are looking for is in the same room. All they have to do is tag the items they end up losing all the time. You get two choices here. One being ruggedized, waterproof and great in tracking different things. Another comes in way more stylish, slim and advanced version.

Netflix Gift Card – The best gift.

We saved the best for the last. Who can resist the beauty of the shows, movies and a wide range of entertainment that Netflix has to provide? No matter what genre someone enjoys, Netflix has it all. To put a smile on the face of your loved ones, it is Netflix that you choose over and over again. With different ranges of streaming, you can now gift your loved one a gift card that will help them watch all their favourite shows.

How fantastic were the ideas that we just presented in front of you? Pretty cool, right? So, get going and put up a smile on the face of your loved ones.

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