How To Build Web 2.0 Private Network Blog To Increase Rankings

Among the biggest struggles that bloggers face is building links. New bloggers especially find it quite hard when they don’t have any clue on how they can do this.

Many create backlinks by simply commenting on their blogs. Or use social media bookmarking to make links. This is some of the reason they will quit blogging because they depend on the keywords to get good ranking.

Another big issue is that backlinks need serious investment. Most starters do not have enough to invest in link building.

Considering all these, your problems can be solved through Web 2.0s. They are the best choice for newbies because they are easy to create and totally free. Continue reading to learn more.

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What is web 2.0s?

These are sites that emphasize on the content that generated by the user. With the platform, users can interact and collaborate with each is a social media dialogue manner.

Examples of Web 2.0 include Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger. On these sites, you create your site on their subdomain. On Tumblr WordPress and Bloggers, you can create your own website on their domain.

Why are they important to you?

It is good to know their importance before you build them.

–    They have very high domain authority

–    They are free, and there is no limit to how many you can create

–    They have great page authority

–    You can link to them as many sites as you want with any anchor text.

Step to build the best Web 2.0 network

Step 1; find expired blogs

These are actually quite a number on the market, and you can purchase them if you don’t have much time. After getting them, you will need to scrape those using tools like Scrapebox, proxies keyword list and you will need time.

Step 2; claiming the gems

Note that, not every Tumblr will be free. Scrapebox will always check for 404s and Tumblr might not get your around them either. You will have to create a bot that checks real 404s.

It is advisable to use a different IP every time you sign up a new account. The best way is to use VPN setup, after which you can open up Tumblr and have your URLs ready in the page authority checker.

From now on, you keep trying to sign up with it until you find the free accounts.

Step 3; dropping the Web 2.0 backlinks

Here you don’t even need fancy articles, only a picture, and a few lines. This is the easiest part. You have created your backlinks. Many expired web 2.0 network builders prefer to use Tumblr for this reason.

Step 4; keyword ratios

Getting the right ratios can be your ranking breakthrough. This is because branding plays a major role in ranking today.

You can start by sorting out the expired web 2.0s from the weakest to the strongest and use the wear or open URLs and branding anchor texts. With strong one, you can use keyword variations.

After this, you can use LSI graph to find some variations then add a few exact match anchor text on your strongest web2.0. For more information, Please visit  :

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