5 Important Trends Shaping the SEO Industry in San Jose

San Jose is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. A recent study said that it was the fastest growing city in the world. As growth in the city continue, so does the competition that most companies face. One way in which companies are learning to beat the competition is by having well-designed and well-marketed websites. In this article, we will look at the new SEO trends in San Jose.

What is SEO?

Hundreds of millions of people use search engines every day. They use the engines to find relevant answers to questions, find direction, and find products among other things. When most people perform a Google search, they only rely on the information on the first page. It is very rare for an internet user to visit the second page. Therefore, companies are always on a battle to appear on the front page of the search engines. Companies that achieve this see increased sales and growth even as they reduce their customer acquisition costs.

Trend #1: Focus on Local SEO

A recent trend is where most Silicon Valley SEO companies are starting to focus on local search. Local SEO is a situation where a company decides to target the local users. This is ideal for companies that target users in a certain locality. A good example is when you own a yoga studio in the city. Instead of building a website that targets the rest of the country, you specifically target the users in San Jose. This is an important trend because companies can focus their businesses on where they are targeting their customers.

Trend #2: Investing in Content

Content has become an important part of SEO. This is because of the recent algorithmic changes by Google and other search providers. These companies have recently talked about the need for quality content in determining the rankings of websites. It is easy to understand why. When most people use the search engines, they mostly want to find answers to their queries. Therefore, the search engines are trying to give their users the most relevant answers. As such, most companies are hiring quality content writers to generate valuable content.

Trend #3: Investing in Voice Search

San Jose is close to Silicon Valley, where most technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are located. A recent battleground in consumer products is about voice assistants like Alexa, Apple Homepod, and Google Home. The number of voice search that will be done in the future is expected to see increased growth. Therefore, a recent trend in the SEO industry in San Jose is on how to optimize the content that is being generated in voice search. As such, the leading SEO agency San Jose are increasing their focus on how to ensure that their content rank high on the voice engines.

Trend #4: Go Beyond Google

Google is the most important search engine in the world. It has more than 80% share and its standards are always replicated by other companies. Therefore, all SEO services should be focused on Google. However, most SEO experts in San Jose and around the world are starting to look beyond Google. This is because other companies are competing with Google. For example, a company like Amazon leads the way in voice search. The company’s website is also a search engine. In fact, the company has started to generate billions of dollars from search advertising. Other popular companies like Twitter and Facebook are search engines as well.

Trend #5: Multimedia

As a company, having a multimedia presence is very important. This means that while it okay for you to have a good website, it is much better for you to incorporate other forms of content. This means that companies are investing in video, infographics, and images. Other companies are investing in podcasts and other forms of media. Having a multimedia approach is helping companies become an authority in the industry.

Final Thoughts

As a company, having your website optimized for the search engine is very important. It will help you build a better brand, increase your revenue, and reduce the customer acquisition costs. Therefore, having a good SEO San Jose agency working for you will help your business become more successful.

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