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Time To Build Your Own Transmission And Also Your Own Website

A website is one of a business’s biggest assets. Just like a car is one of a person’s biggest assets. Do you think someone will ever mess up their car by DIYing a complex job, say maintaining or building its transmission system? Not likely. Then why would you risk your business’s reputation and investments by trying to build your website yourself?

Though it may not appear to be, a website is as difficult, intricate, and complex to build as a car’s transmission system. And no one but a web developer has the expertise to build a website perfectly, just like no one other than an experienced mechanic has the skills to build a car’s transmission. 

Suppose you are trying to DIY your web development in NJ. In that case, you may want to trust a seasonedweb development company in New Jersey for the job because a homemade website is often nothing more than a recipe for disaster. 

With no professional expertise, people who develop their websites themselves often don’t activate the right security protocols.This results in a website that is vulnerable to hacker attacks and malicious redirects or your web domain landing on some other, possibly inappropriate page.

Moreover, handling your web development and design project without a plan or understandingof web design principles can result in a cluttered and messy website. Such a website would not only drive your visitors away but may also fail to rank in the search results because the website’s structure and the resulting user experience is a significant factor for search engine rankings. 

Just like a car with a transmission built by an unskilled person won’t work, a website built by someone with no qualification or experience in web development will not drive your business’s growth andcould lead to many detrimental consequences, only two of which are mentioned here. 

Landau Consulting, an NJ small business web design company, offers professional web development services to create websites centered around your business’s success and has created this infographic depicting how trying to build your website yourself may prove to be one of your worst business decisions.

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