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To know the answer of what is SERP tracking? We first need to know what SERP is. SERP is a search engine result pages. They are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher. You may have used a search engine many times, for every little query you face in your daily life. You might even have a habit to turn to search engines for every kind of information you want about anything. you use search engines and there you must have seemed to see the page which a search engine shows in response to your query, now this page consist of a number of results related to the keyword of your query. The main component of the SERP is the listing of these results that are shown on that page.

Use of keywords

Each result hold a small description as where the keywords match, the results display on the SERP also holds a title, a link that points to the actual page on the web. Like many of your queries may be related to things which you want to buy or for service you need in such sponsored results the advertisers choose what to display to attract more number of user and turn them to their customers. The ranking of the results are very essential as most of the people are going to see the topmost results for any query and only a small percentage of people will be bothered to go down the page to see all the result this will lead to the loss of the sponsor of those advertisers who are at the bottom side of the page. You can find your place in the page using SERP tracking.

What is SERP tracking?

Now the question arises what is SERP tracking? For example, you filled a lot of keywords, you launched a website, you have a little bit of traffic on your site, but you don’t have any idea about your ranking than how do you track your ranking? For a start, if you do not want to waste a penny you can do it manually by typing the keywords and search for your website but frankly its really inefficient and could take you a while to find your website. So you can deal with this problem of your using makes the SERP tracking easiest; it is an ultrafast search result scrapping with real-time Google search API.

Features of

There are many benefits and features of there API is powered by strong infrastructure and provides its user with enough performance to handle the highest request volume in the industry. It offers to the top 100 organic search results, as well as places, ads, rich snippets, and all other Google module. It is trusted to have the maximum speed, their strong server provides one of the fastest scrappings. Their proxy network and their intelligent parsing services ensure that the SERP looks like what a server would see. The API always provides with enough performances, no matter how high volume request might be. One of the coolest features of is that it enables its users to obtain location-based and geo-located search engine results.

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