Reasons Why Google May Have Penalized Your Website

Why Google penalizes pages and possible penalty symptoms. It could be said that as a general rule, search engine penalties can be of two types. On the one hand, there are the algorithm penalties and, on the other hand, the penalties for manual review. Yes, although it seems hard to believe, Google has hundreds of employees reviewing the content and quality of web pages on the internet.

Algorithm penalties could be defined as the identification by indexing robots of specific patterns that are indicative of spam or dishonest actions.

Penalties for manual review take place when someone on Google sees action on a website that is against ethical guides or the best practices of search engines.

As Matt Cutts explains in his blog, that your Page Rank has dropped only means that according to Google’s analysis systems, “your website has lost part of the confidence that Google had in it.” For those cases in which a website has lost around 1 point of Page Rank, the Problem is not very large and has a solution, but if a website has lost more than 50% or 60% of the Page Rank at once, then the problem is probably more significant.

Below is a list of the main reasons by seo agency thailand why your website may have lost Page Rank. I have ordered this list from less serious to more serious, although to tell the truth, this is only my opinion, and I cannot assure you that the hidden text is less serious than buying links. Although I could 100% guarantee you that having broken links is less critical than exchanging links. In any case, if your website has one of the first five problems you should not have seen a PR decrease of more than 1 point, maybe 2 points in the worst case and if you have not fixed your Problem over time, well, most likely, when fixing the Problem, everything will return to normal.

Slight Problems With Simple Solution:

  • You have a lot of broken links.
  • You have serious HTML errors.
  • Your pages have keyword hyper density.
  • You have links in the Footer that are not related to your website.
  • You have duplicate content.

Serious Problems With More Or Fewer Complex Solutions

  • You have been exchanging links.
  • You have been buying Links.
  • Your website has hidden text in the code that is only visible to search bots.
  • You have deceptive urls or Titles that do not represent the actual content of the page.
  • You have pages that are gateways, and therefore you have deceptive redirects.
  • You cloaking: the website you send to search spiders is different from the website visitors see.

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