Performance Based Marketing is Coming

The future of the marketing industry is performance based marketing. With our software, you can turn sales leads into profits by only charging your clients with a market plan that meets your needs. That might be through subscription, pay-per-SEO, or maybe an automated pay-per-lead business model. You will not be stuck with a one-size-fits-all option that does not meet the current and future needs of your clients.

With the automated pay-per-lead business model, you can charge clients for each authentic phone call, e-commerce transaction, and web form. The best part is you can manage all types of transactions on the simple dashboard that is a hallmark of our product. We strive to make our software as simple to use as possible so that it provides the biggest return possible for its users.

Our software can track where phone leads come from, give you phone numbers from all over the globe, and send those calls to your customer’s land lines. It can also record phone conversations and allows them to be accessed in the program’s interface.

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With the lead tracking options we offer, you can see the origin of phone calls from other marketing actions, like  radio, television, web ads, lead-generating websites, and brochures or flyers. Your clients’ websites can create more leads by offering quiz game, in-the-moment document creation, and downloads for their customers to use.

We also provide phone numbers that can be used as click-call buttons. Additionally, they can be used for sending text messages automatically to customers and to provide sales lead notifications. This is especially helpful for businesses that do the majority of their work in the field, such as service companies like plumbing businesses, etc. 

Our software allows you to pick and choose what features you want to make available to your clients, such as free high-end plug-ins and accounts, pay-per-SEO delivery, pay-per-lead delivery, and subscription-based delivery. You can also offer your clients options that fit their having more than one office location, multi-language support, ready-to-resell-websites and ready-to-resell managed marketing services, among many more features and options.

We provide you with excellent training and support so that you can confidently roll out our software to your clients, knowing that they will get excellent lead generation tools to help their businesses grow. When that happens, your profits grow, too. We stand behind the services and features our software offers, and we are excited to help you help your clients improve their digital marketing practices through performance based marketing.

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