Franchise Brand Marketing

Franchises need local marketing options that work, that attract attention and that lead to phone calls, emails, and business. Unfortunately, many franchise brand marketing options fail to deliver the local support that business owners need. That is why we created our software to maximize results for organizations like franchises that use group marketing concepts.

If you already have a site network, you are well on the way to having a technical framework that will deliver the results you expect. Even if you have tried a hub-and-spoke structured service before, you’ll notice the positive difference that our model offers.

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No matter where you are, we can work with you to create a plan to quickly and completely get your group marketing model to work the way it should. We do this by retrofitting your sites and moving your sites’ network to a new path.

Franchisors have to provide a digital marketing platform that extends the brand’s identity and supports franchisees in marketing what they provide at the local level. This helps them grow their digital presence and bring in more business. Your franchise brand will grow as your network of websites develops.

Our software empowers the local franchisees to handle their digital presence locally in ways they see fit. They can develop and manage it according to the needs of the local market. Franchisors can offer this option to franchisees or provide more guidance from the top.

We use group marketing ideas and bring them to the online world. This helps the entire network to grow. With ecommerce-enabled websites or WordPress sites that already exist, your network can expand. We also offer customer relationship management software and on-board sales automation options. A social marketing calendar and blog distribution feature make social media marketing that much easier. You can also benefit from the integrated email newsletter distribution system.

We also provide detailed search ranking reporting, social marketing content curation, and integrated reporting for different types of campaigns.

Franchise brand marketing has never been so easy as it is with our centralized marketing platform that empowers you to manage many local websites right away. You can customize your exposure in local search engines and thus help your franchisees to expand their business and to grow the larger franchise brand. As search engine rankings rise for individual franchisees, local sales leads grow, and that supports the wider development of the franchise.


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